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Bride of the Dragon King

Obsession. Love. Seduction. Revenge.

In this erotic novel, a young woman who dreams of a dragon finds herself drawn to a mysterious man whose connection to her transcends time.


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Neither Heaven nor Hell

A priest turned vampire journeys from the gates of hell back to Earth where he battles with a demon to win the love of a human woman.


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The Ghosts Of Winworth Manor

It is 1818 in Seaside, New York, and Michael Winworth has been obsessed with his younger brother, Jason’s, wife, Pauline, for years. Determined to use his inherited dark magic to possess her for all eternity, Michael performs an ancient ritual that includes a blood sacrifice of Jason inside Winworth Manor.

In this supernatural erotic novel, a jealous lord kills his brother and sets out on a two-hundred-year-old quest to find a new living bride to replace the one he lost forever.


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