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Bride of the Dragon King

For most of her life, Elisabeth has had a recurring dream in which she is abducted by a dragon who has fallen for her and who forces her to be his forever. She has no idea what the dream means.

Elisabeth and her fiancé, Josh, are on a backpacking trip in Ireland, a place that has always called to her. After a heated argument, she storms off into the wilderness. In the dark, she trips and falls, and then she has another dragon nightmare—one that seems more real than any previous dream. When Elisabeth wakes up, she’s in a strange village untouched by the modern world. Because of her injury, the village healer, a handsome stranger named Constantine, persuades her to stay until after the night of the town’s annual festival. But it soon becomes clear that she has stumbled into a world beyond anything she could have imagined.




Neither Heaven nor Hell

More than a millennium ago, a young priest was seduced by a female vampire. As he begins to die, he must choose either to let his guardian angel carry his soul to heaven or surrender to temptation and stay on Earth as a vampire. After he rejects protection from his guardian angel, he quickly realizes he made the wrong choice. When his tormented soul falls into the gates of hell, he longs for what he discarded. Unfortunately, it is too late.

To his dismay, he soon falls in love with a human woman. Now he must decide whether to turn her, kill her, or let her go. After seducing and nearly killing her because of his uncontrollable bloodlust, he chooses the latter. When the vampire discovers an angel turned incubus also loves her and will stop at nothing to make her his, he must work with her guardian angel to protect her. But the angel has a past not just with him, but also the demon. Whose love will she choose?

Neither Heaven Nor Hell is the lustful role playing tale of a vampire’s journey from the gates of hell and back. He must battle a demon for the love of a human woman-you the reader.



The Ghosts Of Winworth Manor

After Michael plunges a dagger into his brother’s heart and kills him, Pauline surprises him, thrusts the same dagger into his back, ends his mortal life, and escapes into the night. Two hundred years later, the spirits of Jason and Michael are still imprisoned in the dilapidated manor. Michael has been on a centuries-long search for the perfect woman to share in his eternal paradise. When he believes he has finally found her, Michael is determined to possess her for eternity. But will he ever succeed?

“Who are you my titan-haired angel? Come to me my love, and be mine forever!”